Sterling Silver Jewellery Care

Sterling Silver requires special care to preserve its appearance. Our sterling silver is forged here in the United Kingdom. We use 925 sterling silver which is the industry standard. We mix pure silver with other metals to enhance the lustre, strengh and durability.

Sterling silver that is regularly used typically needs less care, so we strongly encourage you to wear your silver every day.

Day to day care

Sterling silver tarnishes when exposed to salty air, chlorine, sulfur, humidity, perpiration, cosmetics, houseshold bleach and other harsh chemicals. To prevent tarnish as much as possible, we recommend that your store your fine jewellery in a safe dry place when doing these activities.

• Household and outdoor chores.
• Showering, bathing or swiming in pools, hot tubs, hot springs or the ocean.
• Using lotions, hair products, fragrances nd other cosmetics.
• Exercising at the gym or during contact sports.
• Cooking and cleaning.

When not wearing your sterling silver, store it in fabric pouch we have provided or the grip seal Intercept bag for maximum protection.

How to clean sterling silver

We have provided you with a polish cloth from Town Talk to help with the occasional clean.

We recommend using a good silver jewellery cleaner and a soft cloth to clean your item.

Apply a small amount of cleaner to a soft cloth and gently rub the silver.

Rinse the silver throughly in warm water.

Blot dry and shine your silver with our polish cloth provided with your ring. This will remove any tarnish and restore the shine.

Frequently Asked Questions